Hip and Knee Pain

Lets put a plan in place

Our expert physical therapists at Duanesburg Physical Therapy, understand the complexities of hip movement and function. We examine your walking, movement, range of motion, strength and coordination. Our evaluations enable us to pinpoint the source of your pain and to develop a series of manual therapies and exercises to reduce your pain and restore normal function. Call us today to learn more!

Hip Pain

Your hip joint is designed to withstand a good amount of wear and tear. As the largest ball and socket joint in the body, the hip fits together in a way that allows for a wide range of fluid motion. The hip is designed to move, and to move often, so when your hip begins to experience feelings of stiffness or pain, it will quickly affect your daily life. 

Despite its sturdiness, the hip is not indestructible. As the bone moves in the socket, a cushion of cartilage helps protect it from any friction. This cartilage can start wearing down or become damaged with age or overuse, which will cause discomfort. Any muscle or tendon issues from overuse or an acute injury can also cause hip stiffness. The hip bone itself can also become fractured in a fall or accident. All these problems can lead to pain and loss of mobility.

Depending on where you’re injured, your pain may be felt in different areas, such as the thigh, groin, inside of the hip joint, outside of the hip joint or even in the buttocks. If your hip pain is caused by a muscle or tendon strain, over-the-counter pain medications will provide some relief and lessen inflammation. Once the pain is under control, we recommend visiting us at Kinect Physical Therapy so that we can help build a treatment plan that can include low-impact exercises, stretching, and resistance training.

Knee Pain

Knee pain is a very common condition that can affect many lifestyles. Those who are sedentary, those who have very active lifestyles, or are athletes all run equal risk of developing issues with their knees. Reported incidences of knee pain generally increase as people age, but we at Kinect Physical Therapy feel that this is something that can be avoided. 

Like the hips, knees are meant to move and can take a surprising amount of daily wear and tear, but overuse, acute injuries and chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, can cause pain and stiffness that affect your daily life and can even make it impossible for you to work. This can sometimes result in surgical intervention to prevent further deterioration of the knee joint.

At Kinect Physical Therapy, we work closely with you to evaluate the mechanics of your knees and their relationship to your physical condition and performance. Limitations in movement and strength can dramatically affect the way your knee functions, causing increased pressure and pain. Physical therapy restores the normal movement, strength and coordination and can help you quickly relieve the pain and get back to normal activities.

We help patients of all ages recover from knee surgery and also prevent surgery if possible. If you had knee surgery, including total knee replacement, come in for treatments for a proper recovery that will get you back to peak performance quickly. Call us today to learn how we can relieve your knee pain.